Rox’s Boxes ~PENTACLE~


We will have 6 types of selections for our boxes here.

1-$66, 2-$88, 3-$111, 4-$222, 5-$333, 6-$444($444 is guaranteed to have a Moldavite). Please know we have four different box sets to chose from as well.

Please make your selection accordingly.

This is our PENTACLE box, it is a lovely lined PENTACLE box. Box of connection with the divine and manifestations.

Welcoming our Mystery Boxes here to our on line clients.

We are now offering these magical boxes on line as they have been such an amazing hit on our live shows, and decided everyone should get in on this wonderful deal. So this is a wonderful way to start someone off on their journey with crystals. We have a large selection of gems and with each set the variety will be different.  All boxes are source guided by our beloved Rox as she has a magical touch with putting these lovelies together. All boxes will have double the price value inside. You will not only receive a gorgeous box, the best part is you will have some fabulous crystals that have a lovely home. Oh and did I mention our large selection of jewellery ,and that we are known for our selection of rarities. Our biggest box in this listing is guaranteed to have a piece of Moldavite within.

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All purchases and use of our products are for recreational purposes only. Crystals offered here are for metaphysical use and not meant to replace a qualified professional when it comes to any type of therapy or treatments. We are not here to diagnosed conditions or give any type of treatment, we leave that to the professionals.
These crystals are used in a holistic manner meant to be an addition to the healing practises that you may already have.


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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6