Mystery 1lb Bag of Crystals Genuine Unique Stones With Free Shaman Sack


27 in stock (can be backordered)

1LB BAG OF ROCKS!! This magical Sack of crystals if the perfect pack your collection, and to gift to any Crystal Lover, Witchy friend Or Mineral Collector! Each Bag will contain Atleast $70 Worth of Crystals.  each bag is uniquely different. This idea came to me when its time to rotate inventory. What a great way to find homes for these beauties. All these crystals are cleansed and pre charged. ALL CRYSTALS ARE AUTHENTIC POWERFUL LITTLE GEMS.

This Mystery Crystal Box can include anything from:

• Tumbled  & Raw Powerful Crystals
• Genuine Gemstone Bracelets & Pendants
• Crystal Clusters & Slabs
• Rare Inclusion Stones
• Mini Spheres
• Palm Stones
You will receiving several RANDOM pieces depending on the Crystal Size Box you choose. Your Mystery Box will be filled with unique Powerful piece.

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