Double Terminated Tourmalated Quartz


One Double terminated Tourmalined Quartz

This is a most helpful gem that assists with clearing and cleansing our energetic fields as well as our auric field. A crystal of purification and release. It has been known to help facilitate clear thinking, you see the quartz amplifies the tourmaline, making this beauty a gem for balance and clarity. It has a powerful storm energy and helps one to integrate and understand things in a deeper way. For those who do energy work, this gem works on so many levels it helps clear up all chakras. Because these are all double terminated crystals they are particularly fantastic for energy to flow both directions. These gems are considered to be an excellent tool for many metaphysical applications, being able to send and receive energy.


All purchases and use of our products are for recreational purposes only. Crystals offered here are for metaphysical use and not meant to replace a qualified professional when it comes to any type of therapy or treatments. We are not here to diagnose conditions or give any type of treatments, we leave that up to the professionals. There crystals are used in a holistic manner meant to be an addition to the healing practises that you may already have.

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