Beautiful Bamboo Jade Egg Meditation – Yoni Egg Gemstone Egg / Yoga – Shamanic Journey Egg


Each of these bamboo leaf  Jade) is an incredible creation of Mother Earth. An abstract patchwork of color nothing short of a Van Gogh or Picasso, these deeply vibrant flecks create the most mesmerizing mosaic. You’ll just want to stare forever. And if you’re looking for protection, healing, and the unearthing of personal strength, then stare on. Hold onto this beautiful agg, gaze into its mosaic of earthen color as it radiates wellness and fortitude into every corner of your sacred space.

The magic of these bamboo leaf jade eggs

Again, the pigmentation of these bamboo leaf jasper spheres is so gorgeous, it’s hypnotic. It almost appears 3-dimensional, which is perfect for dropping into meditation. As this stone takes you deeper into your inner strength, it also forges a stronger connection to your angelic guides. This clearer channel will bestow grounded wisdom, a sense of safety, and the healing energy you need for soul nourishment. Bamboo leaf jasper is particularly guarding and grounding during shamanic journey, and serves as a powerful tool for healers – even those who are timid or shy in their work.

Use this stone for the inner will to overcome addiction and compulsive emotion or behavior. Bamboo leaf jasper is fit to serve you well in spiritual battle. Take this soul-replenisher into your deeper meditations.

88g – 49x36mm

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
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