Each of us is a Unique Expression of the Human Condition

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Hello beautiful ones welcome,

I Am ?Anna, One with source connected to all that is. I am sharing lovely products here as well as old sacred wisdom and alternative healing.

I am an extension of God, a human being who has tasted the many joys and sorrows of human condition.
My journey has taken me through many layers of humanity and conditions. This evolution of my personal journey is exactly how Human Condition Gifts has come to be. On my quest, I have had four productive businesses that include a bookstore as well as three tattoo parlors.
When eBay launched in 1995 I jumped on that opportunity creating my online business which I am still rolling with to this day. Hence the birth of Human Condition Gifts that you have come to visit

In the beginning I created human condition gifts to supplement my income, as I was simultaneously growing my other businesses and had some down time to fill. Today I am happy to share that my business has grown so beautifully I am totally dedicated to Human Condition gifts, selling my last tattoo parlour to my brother and moved to Delaware from Maryland in October 2015. This was a huge leap of faith putting my trust in source that my business and consulting clients would continue to carry me.
Here I am three years later grateful that I took that giant leap. Not only did everything lined up beautifully but my business flourished.
It is not been an easy journey, there have been many ups and downs, moments of raw honesty with myself leading me to profound healing and remembering to trust in the Divine. This ultimate trust in the divine, having faith and determination, and staying positive has assisted me with being in alignment with my desires. All is manifesting beautifully.
I have been blessed to be able to expand and share some beautiful items with you all as well as showcasing my unique finds via my own vision. A huge part of my journey has been spending a large amount of time researching and finding exclusive nonmainstream items. The items I have chosen I myself curate here cleansing and healing undertones with spiritual harmonizing energies. Whether it is art, clothing, jewellery or a home item, I only carry items that have helped me through my spiritual quest and my own spiritual surgery and that which I personally love.

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